Want to get customers?

Want to keep them? You've come to the right place!

As a Punchcard merchant, you will be able to instantly acquire new customers who are shopping nearby your store, and communicate with them on a one-to-one basis.

Punchcard is all about rewarding the customer. Whether it's creating an incentive for a new customer to come into your store, or knowing who your customers are, and being able to deliver personalized messages, incentives, offers, and VIP programs to build the affinity that a customer has with your business, Punchcard For Business is the platform where you can do it all.

Find new loyal customers now

  • Discover and communicate with new customers who are shopping nearby
  • Dramatically lower your cost to acquire a new customer who is ready to be loyal
  • Punchcard customers are looking for merchants who value loyalty

Communicate with your customers

  • Lift sales and engagement through ongoing targeted mobile messaging opportunities
  • Place the right offer, event notice or brand message to the right customer at the right time
  • Message current and potential new customers who are shopping nearby
  • Be timely with offers, reinforce brand and notify customers who want to hear from you

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What Punchcard means for local business

Punchcard for Local Business
"At the Chamber, we really do like to see the technology or tools that are going to make a business successful in the future... Punchcard is one."

Here's how Punchcard is helping businesses win new loyal customers.

Lula Mae Gifts
"It's less work for both of us... because the customer doesn't have to remember to bring that piece of paper with them everytime."
Crepe Studio
"The Punchcard system...has been very successful... A lot of customers do use it, and a lot of them are really faithful."
The Kitchen
"It just takes care of everything for us. It's easy to use. It's easier for the customers. There's no additional hardware."
Fresco Market
"Punchcard's online tools allow us the ability to determine what our customer base is looking for."
Spitz Restaurant
"What it's all about: Measuring the results and knowing who's coming in for what, and what I can do to keep them coming back."